school visits by historian, novelist and journalist


Enrich, extend, inspire

Dad - historian, journalist and novelist Paul Letters - is available for school workshops or talks. Paul has written for educational history apps, had two novels published, presented a history hour and a current affairs show for Radio Television Hong Kong and freelanced for the South China Morning Post and educational magazines such as IB Review. So Paul works as a historian in different forms - from archival research for articles and books, to presenting as a 'radio historian'. You can find out more about Paul at

Workshops will be tailored around ANY historical topic of the school's choosing. For example, if you are studying explorers, a research skills workshop could be created to investigate ‘Why did explorers explore?’ or ‘Who was the most important explorer…in the world ever?’. Experienced (20+ years) in teaching in world-leading schools, Paul even writes whole inquiry units, when requested.

Best of all, your students could be interviewed, and Paul and James would include those recordings in a Dad & Me Love History episode that would be heard by thousands of people around the world!

For older students, Paul offers a talk and/or workshop in a number of areas, including on Creative Writing Skills (fiction or nonfiction), When is Fiction not Fiction?, The Historical Novel and Truth, or History: How Do We ‘Know’ What We Think We Know?

For day or half-day rates, contact paulletters[at]